Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Been a long time

wow its been a long time since ive blogged.  so...im well into 11th grade and its been a pretty amazing school year so far.  i got some pretty good classes and a couple of great teachers.  my favourite class is jazz band.  its made up of any and all instruments.  i play cello and violin and piano in it, depending on the song.  my bf tyler is in it too.  we are getting ready for our christmas concert in dec. we always do the orchestra and the rock band group together and it can get pretty wild.  
i got the lead in our school production.  we are doing beauty and the beast and im playing bell.  our play isnt until feb. but we have been rehearsing 4 days a week for 2 1/2 each time.  once january comes we will be doing a whole lot more rehearsals too, even on the weekend.  thats when i have no social life.  im happy to say that two of my closest friends are in the play as well as my boyfriend.  
im having lots of fun with youth.  im in leadership there now and work with the middle school kids in worship.  we are getting ready for a big christmas concert  at church, i will be playing the piano for that and im singing holy night with another girl.  
another awesomely amazing thing is my sister will be here in 2 weeks.  i haveing seen her forever!  she lives in england but wuz in australia for 8 months.  i cant wait to see her.  she will be here until january. 
well thats all for now
cheerio everyone
God Bless  

Monday, 13 August 2012

a wonderful holiday

hello everyone!! ♥
its been a long time since ive blogged.
i got back from my holiday a week ago.  we had the most wonderful, exciting time in england. 
london wuz amazing with all the excitement of the olympics.  the first 2 weeks we were there, we spent lots of time with our family and friends catching up and also going to see the torch relay going thru london.  the weather there wuz wet and cool for most of the time we were there, not much of a summer at all.  i got to see my close school mates that i havnt seen in a long time and my cousins and all the family.  
the olympics wuz a wonderful experience, as this is my 2nd olympics ive seen now.  i wuz at the vancouver olympics in 2010.  i didnt go to any events, my parents went to the badmonton and other family members went to some too.  one of my cousins wuz a volunteer and wuz at the opening and the closing. we spent most of our time just hanging in london and meeting people from all over the world.  we met a few atheletes too.  i brought a journal and used it as an autograph book.  with people we met  and talked to i had them write something in my book.  there were so many people from so many countries.  we went to this one coffee shop a lot where lots of people went.  it wuz busy but wuz like a party every day.  we would sit at a table with people who didnt even speak english but would some who communicate.
it wuz so funny one day these asian guys sat down with us and were trying to talk to us.   they knew a little english but i think they only learned some pick up lines. this one guy asked me on a date and i said no thanks and then he said we would make good couple maybe get married.  i then showed off my purity ring and told him im married. later we were on the streets and another group of asian guys were smiling and asking my cousin out.  we started to refer to asians as the desperate asian guys.  they seemed to only want to date someone. 
it wuz so much fun so many memories, each day wuz like a party in london, so many people, when we road on the tubes it wuz so full we were packed in them like sardines.  it wuz lets get up close and personal with complete strangers.  but with all the crowds, and line ups and cops everywhere we had a great time.  it seemed like everyone wuz having fun.
later i will post some pictures when i get them sorted out.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Goodbye Canada Next Stop, England

well summer finally showed up here.  for the last few days its been sunny and warm and ive enjoyed each day.     
ive been swiming at my friends house and on sat my friend caitlin came out for a visit, we went to the lake and she got to meet tyler and matt and carly and a few others.  it wuz funny to see that her and matt got along pretty good.  he can be a bit shy and some what awkward around girls, but he sat down and talked with her.  maybe its because they both work at mcdonalds or something.  
on friday me and tyler went on a date, it wuz so fun.  tyler now has his drivers license and drove us to dinner and then a movie.
tomorrow i leave for a holiday in england.  im so excited to see my family and my old school mates.  i will be there for the first week of the summer olympics as well.  there is so much for us planned that i think i will be busy all day long every day, but its going to be great.
i will miss my friends back here but i know my time there will go by so quickly.

to tyler....
i hope you have fun on your holiday and i will miss you , see you soon.♥

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A day in the USA

on friday a group of us went down to the states.  it wuz me, my brother jack, my mum, tyler, his mum, his brother brandon and his sister alia.  
we left around 11 am and didnt get home until 9 pm.  it wuz so much fun.  we went to the big mall and a bunch of other shops and costco.  at the mall we went into hot topic.  i had to drag tyler in cuz there is this really cute guy who works there who kind of looks like tyler.  we saw him and chatted with him and i bought a big bang theory shirt for my dad.  the guy, ryan, doesnt look so much like tyler like he did a few months ago.  back last year they could have past as brothers but ryan has cut his hair different and has a bit of a bread now.  tylers hair is cut shorter now and is darker since last year.  but it wuz still fun.  
i went to some shops and i bought myself some tanks, shorts and a couple of tshirts.  we went to ross and i got a couple of more shorts and a really cute shirt.  my mum wuz stalking us up with new clothes because we are going to the uk in just over a week and have to look good.  we also bought a bunch of pressies for our rellies over there.
it wuz so much fun hanging with tyler and his family too, his mum is so nice and so much fun.  alia and brandon are great too. we went to this restaurant that i cant remeber the name of , its not a chain restaurant but the food wuz so good and there wuz such big portions.
on the way home we were in line at the boarder for a long time and alia wuz sitting between tyler and me and wuz resting her head on me.  all of a sudden she said to me, " when you and tyler get married i want to be your flower girl."  i had no idea where this came from and tyler looked shocked too. " i said i wont be getting married for a long time". and tyler said " we cant make plans for marriage because we are too young."
alia got upset and started to cry and said, " you 2 have to marry each other, i want janaya as my sister."  Ugh!
i really do love alia but my goodness can that girl get dramatic.  tyler just sighed and rolled his eyes.  ( like that helped) so I put my arm around her and said no matter what we decided in the future her and i will still be close and i told her i love her.  you would think that would help calm the child down.......well not at all, she sniveled and cried, she said that tyler and i had to marry because we love each other and she wants to be my flower girl.  her mum finally told her that she wouldnt want us to be thinking of marriage at such a young age and she told alia that she needed to stop this.  alia started to whine again and her mother turned a gave her one of those mum looks and alia dropped the matter promptly.  
just to let you know i do love tyler and i would love to marry him someday but at this moment we are not ready to to plan for that, maybe in 6 to 7 years.
cheerio for now

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Being Canadian

hello everyone.  tomorrow is canada day!  this is the day that we celebrate canada's birthday.  now those who know me, know that im not canadian.  im still a uk citizen.  my parents are thinking of becoming canadian citizens but are leaving it up to me and my brother is we want to.  im thinking when im 18 i will apply to be a citizen.  i wont give up my british citizenship, so it will be a duel citizenship.  this will give me the freedom to live here or the uk anytime in my life.  
so about canada.  i love canada, its so big a vast, the mountains are beautiful.  the people are wonderful, friendly and caring.  we came here when i wuz almost 11 and fell in love with it.  canada is a free country, freedom in religion, faith, beliefs.  we have a prime minister who is a christian and is strong in his beliefs.  i love this country and im so thankful that we live here.  our flag is the maple leaf and the colours of red and white.  the leaf stands for healing of the nations and the red stands for the blood of christ and the white stands for the purity.  christians founded this country and we are having a revival.  because our country has many different people from many different nations, we have love for the world. 
i am thankful to live in this amazing country.

                HAPPY CANADA DAY FRIENDS                         

Monday, 25 June 2012

school is finished

im so thankful that im done all my finals now.  it wuz brutal writing them and honestly i hate them.   good bye grade 10 and hello summer... oh wait a minute where is summer?  it seems that summer tries to start then it just doesnt quite get there. 
we had our big youth service on sunday and some of us had to testify about the week we had with out going on the net.  i didnt get up and testify, because i did go on the net.  not too much but i did go on.  the youth service wuz really fun too.  after we had our annual bbq at the lake.  the day wuz warm but not hot and the water wuz freezing.  we played some games and had lots of food.  one of the games wuz boys against the girls on jumping in the lake.  i wuz up for that but omg it wuz cold.  you see the lake is fed by the golden ears mountains. i wuz told its a glacier lake.  all i know its bloody cold, even in the hottest part of summer it is cold. 
anyway its now summer holidays for the next 8 weeks and im happy about that.  in 2 weeks my family are heading to the uk for just over 3 weeks.  we will be there for the the start of the oympics.  i cant wait to see them. i wuz at the 2010 winter olympics.   my great grandparents went to the 1948 summer olympics which were held in london.  they saw a tennis match then.  i think my relatives have tickets to a badmonton match...not too exciting.  i really wanted to see the gymnastics so im sure i will be sat in front of the telly for that.
well thats all for now
cheerio blog buddies

Saturday, 16 June 2012

black out week

youth last night wuz awesomely amazing.  we played this game called black out.  its like hide n seek but the church wuz in darkness and a few people were it.  they had to find the rest.  we each had a glow bracelet and were not to remove it but we could cover it.  the "it" people had glow necklaces and flash lights.  it wuz so fun and freaky too running around the church in the dark.  
after that we had our worship and then our youth pastor spoke.  he wuz speaking on the social network how its such a big thing these days.  he wuz saying the problem with it is that we are not hanging out with our friends or talking to people in person.  many people are just shutting themselves aways from people because of this. so... he gave us a challenge... oh fun stuff.
starting tomorrow we have to avoid all of our social networks for one week.  we also have to minimize our texting. he wants us to meet with people, hang out, witness to people, minister to them, love them.  also he wants us to spend 30 mins a day reading the bible and praying.  we are to journal our days and what God is doing in our lives this week.
then next sunday  which is youth sunday we will be coming forward to give a testimony of our week.
this is going to be so hard for me...i have facebook, blog and 2 twitter accounts and i love to text.  i love going onto the net and doing stuff. 
back in the fall we had a challenge like this, but i wuz grounded off of facebook and i hadnt really gotten into twitter yet and i wuz new to blogging.  oh how things have changed in 10 months.  
well im up for the challenge, i just want to let everyone know that im fine and dandy and will try to see you all in person.