Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Been a long time

wow its been a long time since ive blogged.  so...im well into 11th grade and its been a pretty amazing school year so far.  i got some pretty good classes and a couple of great teachers.  my favourite class is jazz band.  its made up of any and all instruments.  i play cello and violin and piano in it, depending on the song.  my bf tyler is in it too.  we are getting ready for our christmas concert in dec. we always do the orchestra and the rock band group together and it can get pretty wild.  
i got the lead in our school production.  we are doing beauty and the beast and im playing bell.  our play isnt until feb. but we have been rehearsing 4 days a week for 2 1/2 each time.  once january comes we will be doing a whole lot more rehearsals too, even on the weekend.  thats when i have no social life.  im happy to say that two of my closest friends are in the play as well as my boyfriend.  
im having lots of fun with youth.  im in leadership there now and work with the middle school kids in worship.  we are getting ready for a big christmas concert  at church, i will be playing the piano for that and im singing holy night with another girl.  
another awesomely amazing thing is my sister will be here in 2 weeks.  i haveing seen her forever!  she lives in england but wuz in australia for 8 months.  i cant wait to see her.  she will be here until january. 
well thats all for now
cheerio everyone
God Bless  


  1. hey janaya!
    wow it has been a long time hasnt it! ive missed you :)
    anyway good job scoring a role in the play! im sure you'll make a beatiful Belle ♥
    love EJ xxx

  2. awe thank you ej, my life is really busy right now with the play and all my other things im involved in